Dear colleagues,


The Lomonosov Moscow State University is planning to convene a traditional biannual 11-th International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2017" in June 25-30, 2017.The Biocatalysis-2017 Conference will take place in Moscow region in Avantel Club Istra hotel.The BIOCATALYSIS Conferences have been conducted regularly since 1974. "Biocatalysis-2009", "Biocatalysis-2013" and "Biocatalysis-2015" assembled researchers from Europe, USA, Japan and other countries as well as over 450 scientists from Russia and the former Soviet Union.




1.     Structure, catalytic mechanism and protein engineering of enzymes. Bioinformatics and biocatalysis. Metabolic design

2.     Industrial biocatalysis (enzymes, multi enzyme systems and cells). Fine organic synthesis. Design of biotransformation processes

3.     Analytical applications of biocatalysis: test systems, biosensors, bioanalytical nanotechnology and biochips. Biocatalysis for chemical and biological safety

4.     Biocatalysis in environmental biotechnology

5.     Enzymes, ribozymes and proteins as drugs and vaccines

6.     Innovations and technology transfer. International cooperation

7.     Nanomedicine problems and prospects: diagnostics, address delivery of medicines and other therapeutic agents with application nanomaterials


Parallel Session:

·         4th International school "NANO-2017" - "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Life Systems. Safety and Nanomedicine"

·         4th symposium "Nanoplasmonics: sensoric and biosensoric applications"


Form of attendance: oral presentations, poster sessions.


The Organizing Committee is inviting you to attend the International Conference  “BIOCATALYSIS-2017”.


Sincerely yours,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee